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Our Nation's Capital - Washington DC... viewing the various national monuments at any time of the year can be inspiring. I photographed these images during the annual Cherry Blossum Festival in 2007. Seeing the same 'building' in both daytime and in the evening, often brings a new perspective to "not just the same". Perhaps these images will bring some justice to the intent that I have placed here. Mt. Vernon - George Washington's home south of Washington DC... a must-see for anyone interested in George Washington.
U.S. Capital at nightAbraham Lincoln's MemorialA reflection of our Nation's HeritageA ring of flagsEvening ColorsAn Evening's Reflection of the MonumentsAbraham Lincoln and his nightly visitorsViewing the Potomac from Mt. VernonSteps of the World War II MemorialMt. Vernon - Main HouseU.S. Capitol during the Cherry Blossom FestivalReflection Pool at the World War II MemorialWorld War II Memorial - Washington's MonumenteU.S. Capitol BuildingU.S. Capitol Building - SE steps