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Norfolk is finally starting to catch up to her somewhat more established buddies - Seattle, Miami, etc. that have had Light Rail for quite some time. The Tide has been running for less than a year, and has already blown away any and all expectations. Plans for future expansion are being discussed.

I spent a quiet Saturday afternoon walking around Norfolk to get these images which shows how new technology meets the city - in a positive way. I parked at one end of the line (Newtown Road) which saves (a) fuel in my pick-up truck and (b) parking fees downtown. Hmmm... for $3.50 round-trip good for all day, it's quite the deal, I think.
Norfolk Tide-407 WB at Free MasonNorfolk Tide EB at Freemason StationNorfolk Tide 407 Train EB at Free MasonTrains wait for red lights tooTrains meeting in downtownTide Trains 405 and 407 through downtown NorfolkTide Train 406 WB at MacArthur.