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A Eucharistic Procession is an opportunity to participate in a prayerful walk of faith that focuses on the tenants of the Catholic Faith - Glorify God, thanking Him for His ultimate gift to mankind in sharing His Son Jesus Christ to give us hope and salvation for our lives. We also show honor and respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mother of the Church in her adoration for Jesus and our hopes to follow her example in always being helpful to others. Prayers are said, along with reciting the Rosary. The power of prayer cannot be emphasized enough in all that it does for one who asks God for His help and Love. This Eucharistic Walk is the first one ever held in Virginia Beach along it's well-known Boardwalk, more known for it's beach-goers and surfers than what was the start of a commitment to Our Lord on a crystal-clear Saturday morning. I hope you enjoy these images and perhaps take a moment to reflect on your own thoughts and contemplate where you too might be one to follow the way that Jesus taught. He is alive today among all of us.

It is my honor and commitment as a Knight of Columbus to help spread the Word of the Gospel and the teachings of our Catholic Church.
It is my sincere hope that irregardless of your religious beliefs and affiliation that you will see these images for what they are - every day ordinary people just like you and I, who are doing something very extraordinary in these days of being challenged to live the life that our Nation's forefathers intended - the right to choose our form of worship to God. This is simply my quiet way of saying - if you choose to believe - WONDERFUL. If you aren't sure - please listen to that inner voice tugging at your thoughts... perhaps that spark of a thought could be the start towards your desire to learn more about God - no matter where you are.