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The Pennsylvania Railroad built its mainline between New York and Philadelphia over a century ago. Since then, it has extended to Washington, and out to Harrisburg. In more recent times, the Main Line, now referred to as the NEC - North East Corridor, runs between Boston and Washington.
In Central New Jersey, there are two long sections of straight track with one speed reduction curve at Deans - just above Monmouth Junction. Trains can reach speeds of 125mph or better, conditions permitting. These images were taken at Jersey Avenue, North Brunswick NJ in July 2019. Even when the Acela's blow through on the inner Nr.2 and Nr.3 tracks doing at least 100mph, the buffeting is quite noticeable. Not to be outdone, the New York - Harrisburg "Clocker Service" on Tracks 1 and 4 can and do give you quite a bit of a breeze at speed. Elsewhere in this initial collection, you will find secondaries that see very little activity, and certainly not at 100mph plus. I am a life long rail fan, growing up with the Pennsy's Monmouth Junction - Jamesburg Secondary passing my parents home. In the 1960s and early 1970s, this was quite the field classroom for any young person (yes, we have female rail fans out there too) that showcased everything the PRR had, from an occasional pass of the vaunted Broadway Limited, to the most humble of freight drags, and everything in between, in both electric and diesel power.
Amtrak's Acela Express Boston-Washington through Jersey Avenue at 110mphAmtrak's NE Direct between Boston and Washington DCAmtrak's Keystone Service between New York Penn and Harrisburg PA - Cab Control Car forward.Amtrak's Silver Star - ProfileJamesburg-Freehold secondary east-bound view - Jamesburg, NJ.Amtrak's Acela - in B&WJamesburg-Freehold secondary westbound view - Jamesburg, NJ.