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The ECSC is one of the longest-running annual surf competitions held anywhere, period. A fun-loving group of folks known as the Virginia Beach Jaycees put on this annual event to support numerous charities and organizations during the 3rd week of August. Rain or shine, waves or otherwise, it will happen. To get things going right, a golf tournament on a Monday afternoon sounds like a sure bet for fun. Thanks to the folks at the Red Wing Lake Golf Course - for providing a course that was playing well, despite the significant amount of rain over the preceding weekend. Radio Station FM99 (WNOR 98.7FM) sent it's intrepid team of golfers in the form of Rick Rumble and Tim Parker, along with help from their friends, at Jake's Smokehouse BBQ on General Booth Blvd., - , along with Cycle World putting up a gnarly-looking JetSki free to the first person to score a hole-in-one (it didn't happen - bummer) and Calypso's Raw Bar & Grill at 11th Street & Atlantic on the boardwalk in the Grand Ocean Hotel had a rockin' lunch ready for everyone. Many thanks to the other sponsors from Farm Bureau - Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Freemason Abbey Restaurant, and others for putting up some way cool 'swag' for these golfers!!