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Tenafly - tucked away in the corner of NE New Jersey, close to the George Washington Bridge, yet without the bumper-to-bumper traffic, Tenafly is quite the quiet town.
There is one lady in this world whom I have long considered to be my 'Little Sister'. She is in every sense of the word except one - we are not biologically related. That said, anyone who met us would be very hard-pressed to think we aren't true brother and sister. We are, but in a very spiritually connected sense that began by sharing the same crib on Sunday mornings in our home church - Jamesburg United Presbyterian Church.
This gallery is going to grow over the coming months as I document through photography during the various seasons, just how beautiful this church is. Not to mention that one of it's members holds a place in my heart that no one can ever touch or take away, period. This page is for her and her family, and to a greater extent, to show a quiet way of God's love for all of us.