John Cadell Photography - Virginia Beach, Virginia | Guestbook
John Rosa(non-registered)
John, excellent work! I really enjoy not only the variety of subjects and views, but also the quality. You have captured subject of every person, thing and landscape in your pictures and have truly made them art.
Shelly Mastriana(non-registered)
Your photographs touch the soul. You are a very talented man and I truly enjoyed viewing your art.
Jessica from Verizon sales chat(non-registered)
I am so touched by these photos, especially those from the special Olympics. Mental and physical disabilities have touched some of my favorite kids and the resilliance they show is truly amazing. I love how you captured them! It was a pleasure assisting you with your order the other night. Take care!
Alyta the Tricare Appointment Office(non-registered)
Your photos are just beautiful and the good work you do with your gift is appreciated. It was nice speaking with you and seeing your photography.
W Gregg Allderson(non-registered)
Pics are like music
If their good, you will get a good feeling inside your soul. And that's always worth viewing or listening.
These Pics gave me that good feeling. Ya know like the music back in the 70's?
Kenny Pitts(non-registered)
Hey John long time no see. We need to get together one day, its only been 20 years.
I got my wife a new lens for Christmas maybe you could give her some pointers.
Hi John meet you today while you were surfing,you gave me some very good advise on my camera today Got on your web site and your pictures are phenomenal. the sunset pictures are amazing.Thank you
Outstanding work!
John, I stumbled upon your website, and I ended up staying on your site looking at your gorgeous pictures for more time then I'd like to admit. Your artistic eye and love of mother earth's pure beauty really shines through in your work. Thank you for sharing your talent with us :)
Rod Morrison(non-registered)
Hi John,

I met you at the Virginia Beach mil aviation Museum airshow, you gave me your website link. Looks great love the photos. Didn't you say that you do a photography course?
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