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January 13, 2014  •  1 Comment

© John Cadell PhotographyBeacons of Light - Cape Henry Lighthouses"New" (1881) on the right Cape Henry Lighthouse and it's older (1792) brother withstand the ongoing tests of time in Virginia Beach. James Earl “Darth Vader” Jones  & Malcom McDowell – two legendary and hugely famous actors well known for their deep incantations and recitations, both in film and stage, are also re-inventing md-speak – or whatever it is that pre-teenagers through 20-somethings pass as their ‘written language’ since talking is becoming somewhat secondary in their circles these days.  In our time, yapping on the phone, involved hours of tying up the one and only line in the house – much to the annoyance of our parents.  We could sit on a table, lean against the wall, lay on the floor  with our feet resting on the couch (none of which was EVER approved by our parents), playing with the handset cord (whoever knew) and in cases of extended ‘usage’ (read:  so interested in the other person that merely listening to their breathing over the line was considered a ‘really going steady’ relationship)  hear about girls (and some boys) getting it tangled in their hair – something that does not translate at all to today’s young people.  The ‘home phone’ is quickly joining the technological junk heap of time.  It is (and will) joining its earlier predecessors – the aforementioned corded telephone, last week’s brand-new computer which got replaced by this week’s newest version, which the beta due out the second Tuesday of next week is about to make a serious trend upwards… you get it – technology does not wait.  Why?  Because it’s users (that would be us) have little patience for something that is ‘brand new’ this week to be replaced by something else which is ‘brand newer’ across the street the following week and not have it ourselves the day after.  With this modern-day concept of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ running seriously amok, at what point do we finally get the notion to bark out a WAIT A FREAKIN’ MOMENT …  I  H A V E what I NEED AND WANT!! With whatever gizmo gee-wiz device, we really need to appreciate it’s value for more than 90 minutes before lusting after some newish gee-wiz device that does some other neat trick that we never realized we thought we need to (really don’t) have and RIGHT NOW.  Although it is fairly hard to smell roses in January – unless you happen to be in Pasadena where they might still be laying around after the Tournament of Roses Parade, we can at least slow down and appreciate what we do have, live with it, and not have to jump back on the techno bandwagon that is caroming onwards to its next interim stop.  

Wait – all is not totally lost… yesterday, my youngest daughter wanted to introduce me to her new friend of the male persuasion at our favorite break on 1st Street.  As usual, her brother and I were going surfing – he lucked out and managed to avoid contact… slacker will pay for this… while I met said ‘new interest in said daughter’s life.  Although he is in his 20s like her – they went to the same high school a few years ago) was somewhat nervous about meeting me (why? – just because I like to surf in the dead of winter doesn’t make me all that odd, does it?) we yapped for a few moments – he didn’t know how to surf (grew up here in Vah Beach and doesn’t surf?  That’s bordering pretty much on sacrilege in our circle.) which my daughter told him not to worry – he would learn from us… I noticed that her t-shirt (it was a fairly warm 55 air temp afternoon compared to the previous few days of 12-18 high temps) had a ‘boom box’ and other ‘retro indicators’ on it.  She said it was for some band she had gone to see (no comment – yet) that was really into vinyl.  Wait a freakin minute – vinyl – like as in RECORD VINYL??!!!!!  Getting her quizzical look that would make Spock proud, she said – yeah, they want to record their stuff on records – don’t you have some from back in your day, Dad?  Um, yeah – just a few… they then went on to say that vinyl is making a comeback – wow, really?  I recalled another daughter wanting to buy albums and frame them as decorations in their home (figured it wasn’t my place to question why) along with a next-door neighbor in his late 20s who had found his niche in listening to ‘old school’ vinyl was far superior to flash drives.  Hmmm… Bob Segar’s lyrics (“Just take those old records off the shelf - I’ll sit and listen to em’ by myself – Today’s music ain’t got the same ...”) from 1978 started running through my head at this point… perhaps there is some hope for the new generation.


A reader commented that they don’t recall seeing many B&W images from my weekly blogs.  Perhaps that too will change.  So, to honor that observation, I do hope you enjoy this image of the lighthouses at Cape Henry – two solid icons that like James Earl Jones and Malcom McDowell, have aged quite well with time… although both of these lighthouses are considerably older – the one on the right is from 1792, it’s younger and taller replacement is from 1881 – which is still going strong today as an active lighthouse.  If you would like to see more B&W ‘work’ please feel free to look at that gallery -


So… as you ease into this week – please take a moment to recall where we have been, where we are, and hope to be some day.  We have had many positive examples throughout our history on how to do things ‘right’.  Like those lighthouses that are beacons of hope to olden day mariners looking for safe haven and still serve as a visual reference in today’s age of GPS -  perhaps if we stop and recall ‘the’ most positive example – He will always be there as that spiritual Light to guide us through our most troubling times… vinyl records or not.    


Tim Concannon(non-registered)
You've got quite a knack for starting a story and coming back to that subtle reference again on the back end. Superb John! I Love the vinyl ... though I have very few but I do have most of the past on CD and iPOD (which my kids often borrow from me). I remember the corded days always stepping around, under or over while my mother would be on the phone forever with her 50ft (I kidd you not) cord. Often we'd play jump rope with it and annoy the heck put of her.
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