Monday's Musing - 04JUNE12 - Getting Things done with a Handshake

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Teamwork - U.S. Navy Blue Angels style Among the many things we see and do in our daily lives, we have a tendency to remain loyal to particular things and a routine of doing things. 


Our daily routine of  getting up at a particular time because of work, school, the cat talking to you, etc., are a habit based on necessity – oftentimes mistakenly considered to be an annoyance.  Granted, hearing the sound of the alarm clock going off, followed by the cat talking to you may give you thoughts of putting the clock through yonder wall and grumbling about who’s turn it is to deal with the cat, it does little to improve anything.  Guys, we’re in a no-win situation here… the clock will need to be replaced, the wall repaired, thus adding to your honey-dos, and the cat will continue talking to you.  Best to leave it alone and learn to maintain your inner “man-cool” sometimes known as harmony… but never ever talked about among your buddies – as they would pull your man-card in a heartbeat and toss you out of the cave, before resuming watching the game on the 180” glow-in-the-dark 3-D HDTV, laughing uproariously before realizing to a man, that they too suffer from the same ignominious daily deal.  In a world dominated by SUVs with the onboard GPS pre-programmed for every Starbucks® within a 300 mile radius as the vehicle of choice for most families because having that preferred manly 4x4 ginormous pickem’-up truck that you see at Home Depot® isn’t going to help earn enviro-friendly green points at the Saturday morning soccer games where all of the environmental-talking (not doing, just talking) types are ranting over going green, you get a twinge of nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ – with thoughts of whatever happened to where a man’s word was as good as his handshake, and that was that?  All is not lost.  Read on.


During the last 2 months of post-TSA life (which I am thoroughly enjoying in getting re-programmed into mainstream society – getting up at a normal time, watching the 6 o’clock news in the evenings, and Sunday afternoons are wide-open), I haven’t really had a reason to keep my hair and beard exactly uniform-neat.  Granted, it drew some long looks from my wife who keeps fairly quiet about most things, with an occasional grumble or three of her own when I am straying too far from her intended plan of what I want to do, but for the most part, nobody was saying much of anything.  I figured that when I get a job interview, I would ‘clean-up’ and that would be that.  Well, that notion wasn’t exactly on a few people’s radar as a good thing.  Suffice it to say, a brother Knight who recently joined the ranks of the 4th Degree – becoming a full Sir Knight in the Knights of Columbus) grumbled to me in his own NJ way that I needed to spend some time with him, and he would take care of the hair.  Okay, I took him at his word (which I do with anyone in the Knights) and called his shop for an appointment.  Well, Tommy, in his usual understated way failed to mention that ‘his shop’ where he works is actually a full-blown spa with all of the bells and whistles.  He gave me the 50-cent tour, which left me with the impression that this would be a really great place to send my wife and the girls to do their ‘girl thing’ where they get the cucumber in the eye treatment, etc…. I’m kidding here as I didn’t see any cucumbers laying around waiting to pounce on unsuspecting clients.  Anyway, true to his word, Tommy corrected my ZZ Top wannabe’ look back to being presentable and ready for prime-time in public without too much adult supervision.  Short-leashed, yes, especially in the vicinity of Sears®, but generally left alone within reason.  True to his word, it was done.  Period.  Nothing more than a handshake.  No contracts, no week-long arbitration on who was doing what, nada.  Zip.  Life is good.  Granted, we’re both ‘up there’ – with Tommy spotting me with 21 years.  So what!!  It is really nice to have someone to just simply say “I got it” and it’s done.  Which by the way, is something we do in the Knights as a matter of due course.  Remember where I said about taking people at their word?  I rest my case.  I would like to think that this would be something our younger members of the Man Club would do well to learn about.  And soon.


I key in on Teamwork and Veterans a lot.  This week’s image is of the Navy’s Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team doing what they do best – wowing people with aerial precision and artistry that thoroughly amazes folks who haven’t ever worked onboard an aircraft carrier.  It still gives those of us who have, no uncertain amount of quiet pride in knowing that ‘yeah, we still can rock em’ hard…” This weekend-long event is the start of OpSail-2012.  I’ll be pretty busy this week and next getting pictures of all of the festivities that surround this gala event.


Have a great week!!


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